Care Informations

Caring for your Products

Here at Kelappa Craft Handbags, we are using the best quality materials we can find for all of our products and are passionate about showcasing the natural beauty. After long companions on events and daily activities, we see any weathering as part of the charm and story remembrance rather than damage and think that a few marks here and there make our products look loved. However, if you want to keep your purchase looking at it’s best, we do have a few tips.
To keep your product looking its best, handle with care and avoid pulling, snagging or surface abrasion. Always store your bag in a dust bag and protect from rain. Should your product get wet, allow to dry naturally at room temperature. Please note that some pilling and fraying may occur with wear and is a natural characteristic of this material.
Kelappa Craft HandBags are made from High-quality yarn embroidered to durable fabrics, so they need caring as our other clothing and dresses. Simple warm water scrub for minor stain or dry cleaning to form their color back up will do the trick.