About Us

Kelappa Crafts is a family oriented small business that started recently in 2018, After several past years of tiresome activity & in between activities, Ajeng Leila, a wife & proud mother of two teenager babies, feel where she belongs.

Team up with her old skool high school pals & brings the melody to her backyard talent in art. ‘….Kelappa Tower… is all about the beauty of inner heart efforts & empowering women around us. Never give up in rising when fall, back down when needed, but never surrender… it’s us, the spirit of local artisan trying to help each other without hesitation. When nature comes first – when raindrops becomes energy, we empower each other in strong sisterhood & Towering our brothers… stand Tall… uprise all the time… Kelappa Tower.’

When the logistic ETD & ETA timing is in shadow, not to forget the metal parts of Kelappa Handbags accessories that uphold the strength finish product make things amazingly beautiful. Shipments & Handlings is like no other when a bunch of helping and caring people are always around.

When it comes from the heart, amazing things always happens. This is the principal art of the art itself in Kelappa.

We at Kelappa team believes in this beauty.

So here we are seeing each other from other ends of the world, together opening the same page up high in the sky, down low in the heart of Kelappa Crafts.

There is not much to tell from me in the beginning, but when things get rolling this About Us page will surely tell the story.

After all, I thank you for this humble opportunity to show our heart of craftsmanship where our existence begins, may I introduce our way of giving and loving.

Kelappa – Amazingly Heartcrafted
Where it all begins…